Quotes From Our Patients

Here’s what some of our former patients have to say about us:

“It was nice to feel support during a time in which I felt so alone. Thanks again for being so caring—it meant a lot.”

“The staff is amazing, warm, and compassionate, non-judgmental and most of all supportive. You put me at ease almost immediately.”

“Your phenomenal warmth and hospitality really made an impact on my experience. I’d like to thank each and every woman I came in contact with that day for what can only be described as sisterly open arms.”

“Thank you for sympathizing with me and not making me feel ashamed or judged. Everyone there was so nice—please know that you are appreciated.”

“Thank you all for the kindness, gentleness, and consideration you showed my little sister. And thank you for having the courage to do the right thing.”

“Everyone at the clinic was very courteous, helpful, and understanding. The Downtown Women’s Center is a very professional, caring medical facility.”

“You helped me at a time when no one else seemed to even care. Please, keep up the good work that you do. It really does help those of us who still feel that we deserve to decide if and when we want to have children.”

“Thank you for all the assistance, kindness, and consideration I received at the clinic. I do not think it is anything less than a blessing that I came to you. I learned a lot about myself through the experience.”

“I can’t say enough positive things about the Downtown Women’s Center. You are providing a very important service to humanity and I’m so glad you were there to take such wonderful care of me!”

“Thank you for your courage and compassion in doing this work. You truly are midwives of a different sort.”

“You were wonderful from beginning to end. Thanks for caring and taking the time, and for being there through it all. I felt safe with you.”

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget your kindness and gentleness.”

“All of you treated me with such respect and dignity. I felt like I was with family. I hope that someday all level of care will meet the level I got at your office. I can’t thank you all enough!”