Messages From Our Staff

Here’s what some of our staff members have to say to prospective patients:

“This clinic is a place of empowerment for women who have made a very hard choice.”

“Most of our patients have a pregnancy terminated so that they will be better parents to the children they already have or to the baby they may have in the future.”

“I think we the staff try to treat our patients like we would like to be treated—very respectfully, and with a lot of compassion and acceptance.”

“The more women I speak with at our clinic, the more I believe that any reason is the right or perfect reason for that individual to be here. I fully support our patients and try to listen to them with as open a heart as possible.”

“I love working here because I’m able to help women through a difficult time. Women come to us for a procedure that is stigmatized by society and has the potential to be intimidating and scary. We work to turn that around and help the woman feel informed, empowered, and dignified in her decision.”

“I wish we could take away the guilt our patients have about having an abortion. We try to reinforce the wisdom of a woman’s choice not to have a child when she’s not ready for the huge responsibility of parenthood.”