How We Can Help You With This Procedure

The women who work at the Downtown Women’s Center are here to support you every step of the way.

We understand that getting through this procedure can be hard—the scheduling, the finances, the worry…and we use our expertise and compassion to help every patient get through her abortion with support, kindness, and comfort.

We offer various levels of pain medication and sedation to accommodate each individual woman’s needs. These include the use of anti-inflammatories, valium, vicodin, nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”), and IV pain medication. We are the only clinic in Portland to offer laughing gas to our patients at no additional charge. We believe the use of laughing gas substantially helps most women with both their emotional and physical state of mind during the procedure.

We provide anesthesia, either local (awake), or general (asleep), for our patients, depending on medical recommendations and patient needs. We perform abortions from 5-21 weeks gestation, but can only do procedures under local anesthesia up to 14 weeks gestation. Some women prefer general anesthesia, which is sometimes referred to as "twilight sleep" and lasts only for the short time it takes to perform the abortion procedure.

The DTWC also welcomes the support that partners, friends, and family can provide. We are flexible in accommodating support persons’ participation at our clinic, according to our patients’ needs.