Counseling Services

We accept all women who walk through our doors, and we understand the myriad reasons why they are here. Our patients have ample time to express their concerns and to ask questions in a confidential manner. We will never release any information about you without your written consent, and we take many measures to protect your privacy at our clinic. (See our Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.) All patients are seen individually, rather than in a group setting.

We offer birth control options counseling. We dispense contraceptives and have information on other methods of birth control. Emergency Contraception is also now available over the counter (without a prescription) for women 17 and older. Be sure to call your pharmacy first and ask if they have non-prescription EC available. If you live in a rural area or you are unable to come in for an office visit, you may be eligible to obtain the EC through

If you are undecided regarding your pregnancy, we recommend an excellent website that includes an online pregnancy options workbook: If you wish to obtain non-biased, non-judgmental information, we do not recommend “crisis pregnancy centers” or “pregnancy resource centers.”