Our Doctors and the Abortion Procedure

Our Doctors…
… are respectful and caring. We have both female and male doctors, with an average of fifteen years experience in providing abortion services. A patient meets with her doctor prior to her procedure so that she may ask questions and have her concerns addressed. Our doctors are on call 24 hours a day.

The Procedure…
All patients at the DTWC receive an ultrasound examination prior to their abortion. This examination is a simple and painless test which uses sound waves to determine the size of the pregnancy. Gestational age and viability can be determined by an ultrasound at our clinic. A formal ultrasound conducted by a radiologist is needed for any additional diagnostic tests (i.e., determination of sex or paternity testing). Ultrasound enhances the safety and accuracy of the abortion procedure.

The exact type of abortion that we schedule for a woman depends on the gestational age of her pregnancy and her unique circumstances. To get an estimate of how far along you are, see our Pregnancy Calculator. We offer free pregnancy tests, though we do ask that you call ahead to let us know when you are coming. Our nurses and counselors can help you discuss your treatment options.

Contrary to some myths that abortion is dangerous, it is actually one of the safest medical procedures provided in the United States. Since 1973, when abortion was legalized in Oregon, there has not been a single death from the procedure. Having an abortion will not affect your future fertility in any way. (Learn more about abortion safety.) Read our Aftercare Instructions to get an idea of what to expect after an abortion.

We now provide an alternative to surgical abortion (D & C) in the form of the so-called French “abortion pill.” Mifepristone is an excellent alternative for some women who are under eight weeks pregnant by ultrasound. Mifepristone induces a miscarriage and can be more complicated than a surgical abortion. Having a medical abortion usually requires more office visits, time, and energy, but we believe it is the best option for some women. For more information about this option, see Information on Medical Abortion (Mifepristone).

Please give us a call and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will answer any questions you have.